Your Moments. Your Story.

I am a lifestyle and documentary family photographer and filmmaker in Spokane, WA.

I’m a storyteller.
I photograph your moments, your everyday lives,
the extraordinary ordinary mundane seconds that make our
lives and families unique.

Who we are now will change

These moments are fleeting in our lives. Who we are now will change. Who our children are now will change… and rapidly.
The love we have with our spouses, while it may always be there,  will evolve. A photography session helps us document our ever-changing lives.

And for all those reasons, I feel photography is important. It helps preserve our memories of who we are now, how we love now, and the ways we relate to each other.
The tickle fights with our 3 year olds will change into goofy poses with our 5 year olds into stoic stances with our teenagers.
I think it’s important to preserve all these fine little details and sweet memories of our lives the best we can.

Photography is so valuable. There is no replacement for sitting together and looking through old photos and watching family videos. In ten years, these images and family films will be treasured keepsakes. Book a lifestyle session for a more polished look.  Or go a more organic route by booking a time capsule session with me. Preserve your everyday moments in documentary style.

home birth mommy and baby spokane, wa

These are our stories. Preserve them.

I grew up looking at old photos my mom had
taken and preserved in old photo albums. It helped preserve my favorite memories.
It gave me the opportunity to bond with my family.

And it gave me gratitude.

Give yourselves and give your kids the ability to look back fondly on their childhood,
to carefree days, water balloon fights, running in sprinklers, petting the family cat, and getting into trouble. Images that you and your kids will both treasure – images of cuddling with mom and being goofy with dad.
If you’re interested in a lifestyle or documentary session, please check out my Inquiry page and feel free to
browse the FAQs below for more information (yup, those little images are buttons). For the difference on lifestyle and documentary, check out Session Types for more information.

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timeless . emotive . organic

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