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Margaret Albaugh

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs. It is thankless hours of blowing noses, kissing booboos, listening to “mom” on repeat for hours and doing a million loads of laundry. But it is also naptime cuddles, playing in the bath, sweet first words and tickling toddler bellies. It is catching the youngest sneaking a cookie or catching the oldest taking care of the baby. Being a family is a million messy, wonderful, lovely things.

Don’t you wish you could capture all those tender, funny, crazy and sweet fleeting moments in your life?

That’s where I come in. Gone are the portrait sessions of stressing over weather, locations and clothing. Let’s make magical photos together in the place that matters most – your home. Together, your family and I will create time capsules for your children and families to look back on forever. And YOU get to be in them.

The days are long but the years are short.

I’m a storyteller.
I photograph your moments, your everyday lives,
the extraordinary ordinary seconds that make our
lives and families unique.

home birth mommy and baby spokane, wa

These are our stories. Preserve them.

Give yourselves and give your kids the ability to look back fondly on their childhood,
to carefree days, water balloon fights, running in sprinklers, petting the family cat, and getting into trouble.
These will be images and films that you and your kids will both treasure – images of cuddling with mom and being goofy with dad.

Book your family photo or family films session today!

(If you’d prefer a lifestyle session, you still can – shoot me an email and we’ll talk about the next steps for your consult!)

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